Active substance: Reverol,
Brand: Natural Sarms,
Pack: 60 tab,
Dosage: 20mg/tab

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SR9009 (Reverol) from Natural Sarms belongs to the latest third generation SARMs. Like some other CAPM products, Reverol activates fat burning (lipolysis) and improves muscle definition, while adding performance and muscle energy.

SR-9009 Research Results

In American laboratories, where the SR-9009 was obtained, its comprehensive research was carried out. Scientific experiments have shown that taking Reverol increases the percentage of muscle mass in experimental subjects and reduces body fat mass. Those taking SR9009 noted increased physical activity, were faster and more enduring.

Analyzes of the subjects also showed a decrease in cholesterol levels and normalization of blood sugar. The effect of Reverol on the acceleration of glucose metabolism has been noticed, which leads to the active extraction of energy from carbohydrates and prevents their conversion into fat. At the same time, the level of lipids decreases. All this contributes to accelerated fat burning. So it is quite possible that SR-9009 will also find application in the treatment of obesity, various metabolic disorders, and diabetes mellitus.

The high anabolic activity of Reverol was also noted – its ability to activate the growth of muscle tissue and prevent the phenomenon of catabolism. Due to this property, SR9009 is of high value not only as a sports supplement, but also as a medicine for maintaining muscle tissue in the elderly, as well as in diseases accompanied by catabolic processes.

Reverol benefits

The advantages of Reverol include its high efficiency and harmlessness. Taking the drug produces an effect similar to the results of aerobic training, which will allow it to be used in the treatment of certain diseases. To date, no side effects and contraindications have been found.

Reception method SR9009 (Reverol)

Consume 1 Natural Sarms SR-9009 capsule 2 times daily after meals. Morning and evening!

1 capsule – 20 mg of active ingredient (Reverol)

The maximum duration of continuous supplementation is 12 weeks. Then you need to take a month break and continue using Reverol.


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