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Active substance: Ligandrol,
Brand: Natural Sarms,
Pack: 120 tab,
Dosage: 2mg/tab

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What is Ligandrol  LGD-4033 and how it works.

Ligandrol (compound LGD-4033) is a drug to accelerate the growth of lean muscle mass and increase strength in a short time. It belongs to SARMs  – selective androgen receptor modulators. Today it is the most effective in its class.

Due to its selective action, it is active only in muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, it does not harm, for example, the liver and prostate gland, which are the first to be hit when taking anabolic steroids.

Use in medicine and sports

Ligandrol was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals to treat a variety of forms of muscle wasting, bone disease, cancer, and age-related muscle loss. Like many other drugs with similar properties, it has been adopted by athletes to increase their competitive advantage in sports.

Athletes use Ligandrol to:

  •  gaining muscle mass;
  •  improving muscle quality;
  •  increasing endurance and strength indicators;
  •  reducing the amount of fat;
  •  strengthening joints and ligaments;
  •  recovery from injuries and competitions.

The positive effect of taking Ligandrol is as close as possible to the action of anabolic steroids, but is devoid of serious “side effects”. It is for this that he is so much loved by athletes around the world.


Ligandrol intake scenarios and recommended doses.

Ligandrol is the strongest drug of all known SARMs. With higher doses and a long course of administration, it causes suppression of the production of its own hormones. Although the side effect is much less than that of anabolic steroids, it still exists.

Studies in volunteers have shown that LGD-4033 is harmless for doses up to 22mg. From this safe dosage, the main scenarios for taking Ligandrol are built:

  •  Weight gain. The most common use of the drug. The recommended daily dose is up to 10mg for 8 weeks. Experienced athletes can take higher doses up to 20mg;
  • Burning fat. For this purpose, 5 mg of the compound per day is sufficient. For the best effect, it is advisable to add additional fat burning supplements to the diet (Cardarin is ideal);
  • Strengthening the course of anabolic steroids. Since Ligandrol has no pronounced side effects, it is often taken together with anabolic steroids to enhance the effect with less harm to health. The dosage ranges from 5 to 20 mg;
  • Saving results between courses. The drug helps athletes keep fit between courses of anabolic steroids. In this case, Ligandrol is used as a so-called bridge. It is undesirable to substitute them for post-cycle therapy.


Ligandrol is the most powerful Sarm on the sports nutrition market. It is chosen by beginner and experienced athletes for maximum training results.


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