Active substance: Cardarine,
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Dosage: 5mg/tab

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Cardarine is one of the most effective fat burners on the market today. The drug was developed to treat heart disease and metabolic disorders. However, during clinical studies, it was found that it is able to significantly accelerate the process of oxidation and breakdown of fats. Therefore, it began to be actively used by representatives of those sports disciplines in which aesthetics of the body, detailing and relief of muscles are of particular value. Today, the drug is widely popular with bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It is also used by other athletes – powerlifters, mixed martial arts fighters, boxers, athletes. If you want to buy Cardarine in any other locality of USA, then our online store is ready to offer you our services. We will help you make the right choice!

The principle of action and effects of Cardarine

Cardarine is a compound belonging to the class of peroxide proliferation-activating receptor agonists (PPAR). These receptors are localized in the cell nuclei, and their main task is to “turn on” genes responsible for the metabolism and life cycles of cells. Getting into the athlete’s body, Cardarine activates them, thereby accelerating the process of lipolysis. As a result, fat molecules begin to break down faster, transforming into free energy.

In our online store you can buy Cardarine in capsule form. Taking a supplement course will allow you to:

  1. increase your energy potential;
  2. increase efficiency and physical endurance, reduce pauses between approaches during training;
  3. eliminate metabolic disruptions;
  4. accelerate the “burning” of fat (even if you do not play sports);
  5. increase explosive strength and general strength indicators;
  6. improve pumping;
  7. accelerate the recovery processes in the body;
  8. to reduce the concentration of “harmful” cholesterol in the blood;
  9. improve overall well-being;
  10. improve the quality of sleep;
  11. reduce muscle loss.

Studies show that the use of Cardarine in accordance with the instructions can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Benefits and features of the drug Cardarine

Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase high quality Cardarine in USA , which has a number of advantages over other fat burners. This drug:

  • has a complex effect on the athlete’s body;
  • has no side effects;
  • excellently combines with peptides and additives belonging to the SARM class;
  • does not cause a sharp drop in blood sugar levels;
  • does not provoke the occurrence of metabolic and hormonal disruptions;
  • does not damage liver tissue;

In other words, this drug is not only effective but completely safe. Any athlete can use it. Only professional athletes planning to order Cardarine in our online store should exercise caution : after the XXIX Olympic Games, this supplement was included in the list of prohibited drugs by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Recommendations for the use of Cardarine

Athletes weighing less than 85 kg should take 1 capsule of Cardarine per day for 8-12 weeks. All other athletes are recommended to increase the daily dosage by 2 or 3 times and break it into 2 doses, the time interval between which should not be less than 12 hours. There is no need for post-cycle therapy after the end of the course.


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