SARMs: will it help or not?

November 24, 2020 By admin 0

Let’s try to deal with newfangled expensive drugs, supposedly without side effects, supposedly effective, judging by the advertising directly substitutes for steroid drugs.

For many years of training, I have noted one feature – among amateurs, the same pharmaceutical support drugs are used, proven over the years and affordable, but new trends somehow do not take root. This fact can be considered the “invisible hand of the market”, that is, only the product that is more competitive out of everything that is offered for sale remains in demand.

The first mention of SARMS was in one of the magazines “Iron World” quite a long time ago, several years ago and passed as it imperceptibly, well, there is some new thing and God bless it, then there were few proposals. Over time, all the sellers considered it necessary to expand their assortment due to new items, and now you can buy a new-fangled drug for upgrading your own body for quite reasonable money. What does science offer us?

The abbreviation stands for and translates from English as “selective androgen receptor modulator”, for a common man it says little, for athletes who use pharmaceuticals almost everything is clear. Remains a little mysterious the word “selective” in the context of the impact on the body. So, the drugs of this group selectively affect the receptors located in the cells of only muscle and bone tissue, causing a response in the form of hypertrophy without affecting other body systems. I, no doubt, believe in science and progress and am happy with innovations, but in this case I did not understand how the drug molecules choose which androgen receptors to use and which ones to ignore? It turns out that there is a certain amount of SARMs molecules in the blood, it is advised to take 3 mg of total, and they, along with the bloodstream, enter the tissues of the body, into all without exception, and there they excite the necessary receptors, and ignore others, unnecessary. Do we have different androgen receptors?

When is SARMs recommended?

  • as a drug for post-cycle therapy;
  • to keep fit after the end of the course;
  • to enhance the action of the AAS ;
  • the use of solos to increase the impact of training.

I specially highlighted one of the curious points, the drugs of this group can enhance the effect of steroids, the question arises: the drugs work the same way – through the effect on the receptors and if they are recruited by the AAS, then what remains on the SARMs and vice versa, some kind of nonsense or it is implied that this will be more receptors are activated, which will lead to increased recoil. In the latter case, the growth of returns from the drugs used in the course will stop very quickly.

SARMS does not have any negative effects on the body, unlike steroids:

– there is no negative effect on the liver, despite the oral form of release (not methylated);

  • the aromatization process does not occur, which means there will be no problems with gynecomastia, water retention, etc.;
  • the effect of both taking testosterone esters, without changing the level of production of its own hormone. AS?
  • convenient oral form;
  • not converted to dihydrotestosterone. which means there are no problems with baldness.

In general, a wonderful miracle, and with all this, the drug is legal, as they write on some sites selling a super drug (here you should go to any site where a list of prohibited drugs is published and in paragraph 2 you will see “selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs, for example , LGD-4033, RAD140, andarin and ostarine) “ . But one interesting question remains: given the general availability and effectiveness of SARMs, why are there so few people with excellent shape in our gyms? Honestly, I have not heard from any serious athlete that” I tried such a cool thing, I got some meat, I got dry, my strength grew “, maybe I train in the wrong gyms?

In one of the halls of our city, my acquaintance, a rather aged trainer – an athlete, bought himself one of the drugs of the SARMs line and I asked him after the end of the appointment about the effectiveness, I did not hear anything good in response. Perhaps he drank less than the recommended 3 – month course, perhaps his receptors were busy with something else, perhaps he bought the drug from an unverified supplier, perhaps the individual characteristics of the organism did not allow the full manifestation of SARMs properties, but there was no effect from the word “at all “. On the other hand, if drugs are on the list of prohibited ones, then they must work and therefore one must carefully approach the purchase, responsibly choosing a supplier.

Included in the article a couple of reviews, especially from different sites, of course negative, because basically everywhere there is a wild pig’s delight, so: “Recovery after Ligandrol is necessary. You start PCT the next day after completing the course, you can use pharmacies. PCT results in positive tests Ie, for example, you drink drugs for PCT, wait 5 days and on the 6th you get tested. “

“At the same time, the word” selective “means that such attachment (and activation) occurs only under certain conditions (TM: CAPMs have been studied in low dosages (about 3-5 mg), even at these dosages there was a decrease in testosterone, FSH and LH levels, as well as an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, and this is at a dosage of 3 mg! It is impossible at the moment to make selective anabolic steroids that would not have an androgenic effect, the anabolic effect is associated with an androgenic one.CAPMs are just PR of new products that supposedly do not have side effects, but this is far from being the case. CAPMs have no advantages over AAS. But at high dosages (from 20 mg, for example ostarine), CAPMs really work). “